Designers MX: Digital Nature

Happy August all!

So I wanted to share something semi-design related. A couple months ago, I fell in love with Designers MX, a community of designers who create mixes for inspiration and motivation — but here's the kicker — we design our mix covers. How awesome is that?! The site had apparently been taken down a few years ago but is up and running again. I feel the most creative when I have a killer playlist backing me, so I was beaming when I discovered this.

I had the opportunity to create a mix on the site myself, which includes electronic, alternative and indie tunes — aka some of my favorite genres. My idea was to create a mix full of "digital nature," which I define as freedom and freshness when working with pixels. A weird idea, I know. But obviously we usually can't get outside when we're pushing pixels. I wanted listeners to feel they were getting a dose of productive bliss, even if that doesn't involve actual greens, air or water.

Take a listen!