Brush Lettering Love

IMG_8326 (1).JPG

Hey there! Hard to believe it's fall, but I'm loving it. When the leaves finally turn, I feel the transition in the air. Sometimes, change is good. I believe that fall is a good change.

So I've been practicing some brush lettering lately, and while I was initially intimidated by the practice, I love it now! I think hand lettering is beautiful, but I also don't think some styles of lettering are really my style, or match my design aesthetic. And that's completely OK, you know? I don't want to force something that's not me. However, I feel that brush lettering compliments my simple style more so than a decorative dropcap or fancy, colorful phrase spelled out in several different typefaces. Good brush lettering is clean, swift + simple.

I'm going to keep practicing while I listen to Ryan Adams' take on Taylor Swift's 1989. It's on repeat in my Spotify playlists as we speak ;) Anyone know of any fun brush pens to try? I'm all for experimenting now! Enjoy the fall weather.