2017 Through Food Pics: Confessions of Plant-Based Food Blogger


My name is Kaitlyn, and I need to disclose something: I love taking pictures of food.

Yep, I'm one of those people. And I'm not embarrassed one bit.

I guess this traces back to 2013, when I followed some healthy food bloggers online that nailed the food-photography-via-iPhone genre and made me actually want to eat vegetables. Seriously. They even made brussel sprouts look tasty.

As you know, Instagram exploded shortly after that with even more "food bloggers" snapping filtered pics of rainbow acai bowls, stacks of sandwiches + donuts for days. There are so many of these accounts now that it's probably actually annoying to most people. But I got a little hooked on what they were doing: how visually appealing and simple they made it seem. Or maybe I was hungry... probably that, too.

One of my goals as a designer the past couple years has been to improve my photography skills, even if that means just using an iPhone. Obviously just as design can focus on tools like composition, color, + alignment, photography can as well. I was excited to use my skills in a different medium, and I figured Instagram could be the perfect platform. I don't have much of a photography background, but I thought I should be able to get creative by just using my phone.

About a year ago, I also transitioned to a full-on plant-based diet, which resulted in taking more and more pictures of my food. A whole new world of food + cooking came about when I went vegan, and I had a lot to learn. Pictures of plant-based food on Instagram really helped me warm up to the idea of changing my lifestyle.

It's been cool to review all my photos throughout the past year. Practice really does help a ton.

For those of you wondering how I do this, I'll be honest... it's a little janky. I often have a "photoshoot" in my apartment to do the shots of the food I make, and I use a white poster, small marble cutting board + the natural light from the one window in my apartment. The other shots I take when I eat out, which is often since NYC keeps me out-and-about with my work + running schedules.

I edit my photos exclusively on my iPhone, using the VSCO cam app + some Instagram editing tools. I try to keep the lighting bright + natural, and only use subtle filters on my photos. I guess you could say that another goal has been to make vegan food look amazingly delicious, because it usually is :)

I've learned that it can be hard to maintain consistency, visually, within an Instagram feed full of food and I'm still working on that. But I'm excited to keep working on this and see where my little IG blog takes me. I hope it makes you hungry! Enjoy the below highlights...

Can you tell I like sandwiches? Cause I do.