My first album artwork!

I recently had the opportunity to work on a different kind of design project: album artwork! As an indie music lover (specifically folk, pop, rock + electronic) I was stoked to help out my boyfriend's band Back 2 Zero, who are based in New York, with their debut EP artwork (he is the drummer). The indie pop/rock EP is available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes. It will also eventually be a physical CD.

The artwork was created before I set the type on the album artwork. I did not conceptualize the artwork, but finalizing the type was just as important of a job. I wanted to keep it simple so that the colorful artwork popped, and a typeface with a bit of a geometric flare worked well. I also considered the digital space this artwork would live in, as that's how most people would view the cover. That made me think about how small the type should be. I would love to work on album artwork again. Check out the cover + sound!