Moodboard: bold + dreamy


Wow—it’s been a while since I’ve made one of these.

So what’s new? I recently started a new gig designing digital for Grubhub/Seamless, and it’s been going wonderfully. And honestly, this fresh start at my day job has really inspired me to work on more of my personal aesthetic outside of that. So I figure that regularly curating + designing my inspiration into moodboards would be a good start to getting those juices flowin’ again.

Lately, I’ve been loving deep greens paired with light pink and sunflower yellow. I recently revamped my bedroom with this color palette in mind, adding some plants + succulents to pop against the more gentle pastel hues that hang on my walls. It’s made me so happy.

In this moodboard above, I wanted to capture this image in my head, that of bold + dreamy visuals that are kind of whimsical, but also intentional + striking. It’s funny because these two descriptions really wouldn’t seem to go together; dreamy creative can be soft, quiet and seemingly effortless, while bold may feel loud and forceful to some designers. Here, I was trying to strike a balance of both. Also, I’ve personally been diggin’ textured clouds + skies as of late so I added some of that into the background to bring the “dreamy” feel full-circle. I already want to create more of these. Hope you enjoy it!