Den of Geek Magazine: My Largest Project (So Far!)

About 3 months ago, a writer I used to work on Backdrop magazine with at school approached me about an idea he had. He was working in the city for Den of Geek, a website and community for nerds who love TV and movies and superheroes, in a nutshell. He wanted to create an inaugural edition of a print magazine for their audience just in time for New York Comic Con in October.

This was in July. Nothing was done yet. I kind of thought he was crazy. They had no designer or creative direction at all. Did I want to take this on?

I'm so glad that I agreed to design this magazine from start to finish. It was hours upon hours of work to produce almost solely myself (with the help of an awesome Infographics designer, too). Lots of layouts, editing and late nights after working my day job.

It turned out beautifully though, 30,000 copies later! With exclusive coverage and interviews, including the cover story with Bruce Campbell, I felt happy to be working on something cool + relevant. 1 in 5 New York Comic Con attendees have one of these magazines! The entire project will be up on my portfolio soon, but you can view the web version now right here.

Special thanks to Chris Longo, Mike Cecchini & Olivia Reaney, without whom this project wouldn't have happened.

Brush Lettering Love

IMG_8326 (1).JPG

Hey there! Hard to believe it's fall, but I'm loving it. When the leaves finally turn, I feel the transition in the air. Sometimes, change is good. I believe that fall is a good change.

So I've been practicing some brush lettering lately, and while I was initially intimidated by the practice, I love it now! I think hand lettering is beautiful, but I also don't think some styles of lettering are really my style, or match my design aesthetic. And that's completely OK, you know? I don't want to force something that's not me. However, I feel that brush lettering compliments my simple style more so than a decorative dropcap or fancy, colorful phrase spelled out in several different typefaces. Good brush lettering is clean, swift + simple.

I'm going to keep practicing while I listen to Ryan Adams' take on Taylor Swift's 1989. It's on repeat in my Spotify playlists as we speak ;) Anyone know of any fun brush pens to try? I'm all for experimenting now! Enjoy the fall weather.

Designers MX: Digital Nature

Happy August all!

So I wanted to share something semi-design related. A couple months ago, I fell in love with Designers MX, a community of designers who create mixes for inspiration and motivation — but here's the kicker — we design our mix covers. How awesome is that?! The site had apparently been taken down a few years ago but is up and running again. I feel the most creative when I have a killer playlist backing me, so I was beaming when I discovered this.

I had the opportunity to create a mix on the site myself, which includes electronic, alternative and indie tunes — aka some of my favorite genres. My idea was to create a mix full of "digital nature," which I define as freedom and freshness when working with pixels. A weird idea, I know. But obviously we usually can't get outside when we're pushing pixels. I wanted listeners to feel they were getting a dose of productive bliss, even if that doesn't involve actual greens, air or water.

Take a listen!

A Personal Design Brief

Hello there! I hope you're having a good week and enjoying the summer heat. I'm hoping we get a heat wave soon in NYC... June has been nonstop rain.

So I really wanted to share with you my personal rebrand. This is one of the first design briefs I've ever created, and I'm pretty excited about it. Although I'm trained in marketing + publication design, I'm pushing to strongly focus more on identity + branding, and I absolutely love it. I love creating something clear + fitting for individuals seeking rebrands. Longevity + simplicity are also key to a strong visual identity. I knew I wanted to rebrand myself in order to feel more confident of this new design direction I strive to move in. I'm thrilled to share it with you!